WIP – It’s Been a While

Just a short update.

Back for a quick update. Since we last spoke, I have finished training in instructional design and some new business classes. So the time hasn’t been there for art. But here’s a bit of an overview since I am gearing up for some new projects.

Spring 2014
Lot’s of practice prints using water-soluble inks. Mainly small prints that could test the materials versus bigger series.

Here are the expanded layers of the reduction relief prints I was working on. Tiger on top was with opaque colors. Pigs on the bottom used transparent inks. These are now being used to show classes about the relief process and usage of inks.process-01


This was a jigsaw lino with a blend roll. Another teaching tool, but the layout was more impressive with all of the pieces spread out for the print.



Here are the castings of that teddy bear mold from the last post.
Aluminum with black and a reddish brown. Currently working on a new teddy bear mold. Gonna get a series going I think.