Winter Update

Still Alive

It’s been a few months since I’ve had an update. Most of my time has been spent seeking full-time work and finishing up freelance projects. Most importantly, I haven’t posted any art since the projects have a project management focus. There’s not much creativity involved in PowerPoints and proposals, but every now and then I get to add a graphic! I am finding that few people understand the impact of original art in social media posts. For me it is commonplace since I only follow artists, but non-creative businesses either don’t think of it or don’t think it’s worth the effort. Surprisingly, it has been good to get away and recharge my enthusiasm to create.

social media strategy
Slide from social media strategy presentation.

All work and no play…

So it’s time to pick up an art tool again. Due to the small amount of space I have, that tool will be a stylus. I’ve been going back to the beginning and using Photoshop.  Brushes, techniques, and keyboard commands are slowly coming back after a few months away from the software. I’ve been working in a sketchbook as well, but that’s not really work I’ll be showing on the site unless my illustration skills really improve.

I’m messing with virtual plein air. I find it useful for warmups and future concept art applications. I have to say I am a bit confused about a way to differentiate virtual plein air versus from digital plein air in situ. I’m starting with stills from a “photo safari” project I did a few years ago and some exotic Google Maps locations. I have yet to get a tablet and do the plein air in situ. I think that experience will be much more challenging than working with two monitors.

plein air valley of fire
Virtual Plein Air experiments of White Dome in the Valley of Fire, NV. Various brush techniques and a quick vector sketch on the right. Seeking a style I like