WIP – Summer 2D/3D

End of Summer Update

Summer is finishing up and I am working on some clean-up projects and tying up loose ends before some bigger work starts in Fall.

First up is a piece that was originally intended to be a series of relief prints. The test prints were missing something, so I decided to stick with a digital only format.

Title: Three Pillars of Society
The pillars are values, commerce and knowledge. Although they fit nicely in this order, the windows are designed so the order can be rotated.

Three Pillars Digital Print – Simulated Stained Glass

The next image shows a batch of bronze castings based on succulents. I have some Echeveria, Aloe and an aluminum Dudleya in the batch. I also cast an orchid, but the flowers only came out with partial castings due to their thickness, so I am going to gate up another batch and hopefully get a full plant sculpture.

Andy Rader: Bronze and AluminumSucculents
Variety of completed succulent castings waiting for cleanup and patinas.

So that’s a good update. I’ll post images of the final castings with patinas when they are done.