Portfolio Update

Finishing Up

Failed Bronze Castings
Plant castings that had issues such as excessive flashing or incomplete fills.

My time here in Chico is coming to an end. I’m polishing up the portfolio and putting the final touches on the casting projects I completed in fall. Management courses haven’t offered much in the way of creativity, but I am well prepared to lead a new team if I move in that direction.

Enjoy the new site layout. Overall, pics will be bigger and I plan to add more behind the scenes imagery I have collected over the years.

New Work
Unfortunately, I will be losing access to the amazing casting and printmaking facilities. My traditional work will probably shift towards illustration and painting. Digital projects will be my focus for a while and I’ll be picking up the 3D modeling tools once again.

Andy Rader: Chico State Panorama
Chico State campus. Early fall 2015.