Metal Slip Casting

I have been casting solid eggs for a few weeks, but I am migrating to casting more abstract forms. Today was the first experiment using a new technique. Unfortunately, there were some issues in the actual pouring of the metal, so the mold broke. However, there are enough indicators that the technique will work on a larger scale… so all is good. I know the pics might not be that impressive, but this piece is about opening a door that will let me create larger and more intricate pieces.

I’ll definitely post pics of these new works. And yes, there will be at least one gigantic egg. It seems fitting that I honor the eggs that came before.

BTW, the solid eggs are about 5 lbs of bronze and this partial cast weighed a little over 1/8 lb. Scale and weight will hopefully no longer be an issue when using bronze.

Andy Rader: Bronze Slip Casting
Partial casting of new egg. The mold was dropped during the pour, so the piece was not cast as intended.