WIP – Holiday Sculpture
This evening sees the start of a holiday week. In theory, I should have access to the resources and the chance to get a lot of work done. I’ll be doing sculpture in preparation for only a few more casting pours left this year.
I’ll also be working on CG art which will be outlined in a parallel post.
Digital Kouros
The concept behind this piece is to combine the historical meaning and importance of the several Kouros statues from ancient Greece and building a digital version which reflects idealized man through the lens of digital character creation. The proof of concept was originally going to be about 24″, but I have been encouraged to map out the 6’+ piece instead.
Technically, I chose triangles for the faces because they were a bit more interesting visually. I modeled the piece in Silo and saved it out to Pepakura, an application that allows me to create a paper version of the piece based on faces. I’ll be assembling the piece this week and then possibly making a decision on what will be cast (in Al or Br) before the end of the year. I’m still experimenting on how to keep the things standing under its own weight. I’m using shellac right now, but we may also use a diluted varnish or resin (?).
Digital Version in Silo - Pepakura Export - First Phase of Assembly.
Digital Version in Silo – Pepakura Export – First Phase of Assembly.
Let’s call this phase two complete with the torso. It’s taking much longer than anticipated. When done, about 1800 faces. As the piece builds, support is becoming and issue. There is also the problem of repairing portions of the interior that I can no longer reach.
Digital Mosaic Mask
Using the same technique as the Digital Kouros, I created a small mask. In hindsight, I should have used fewer faces. The very small ones in the corner of the mouth and nose are near impossible to work with. This piece also uses quads instead of the previous triangle format. After paper assembly, I have been spraying thin coats of shellac to harden the structure and get it ready to create a mold. I want the final form to have all of the faces (referencing ancient mosaic masks), there will be no smoothing to create a realistic face.
Digital Guide - Pieces for Printing - Final Paper Assembly
Digital Guide – Pieces for Printing – Final Paper Assembly
Left: Final paper construction before collapse. It needs a better supporting structure if it I create such a large paper piece again. Right: Final bronze casting of mask. Rough areas are from ash left in the mold.