Artist Statements

Casting Without a Net: Sculpture Series
As a California native, it has become apparent that the state does not have the resources to support its population in times of severe drought. Homeowners are responding and pulling up the once green grass that covered suburbia, replacing it with drought tolerant plants. This transformation has been inspirational, leading to an exploration of organic casting methods using succulents. The title of the series relates to the all-or-nothing nature of direct plant casting techniques.

Titans of Industry: Woodcut/Digital Series
While the corporate republic has been a reality in the United States since the industrial revolution, only recently has international business suspended the pretense that citizens maintain power over their environments. This brazen attitude combined with a lack of personal responsibility has allowed corporations to wield their power in a more destructive manner. Once described as titans because of their power, this series examines the soulless nature of these massive entities.

Referencing TOI: Earth: “Here we have an excellent piece that builds tactility and physical presence while engaging the viewer in myth, storytelling, and narrative imagery. The artist reinvents an archetypal creative figure and accomplishes dynamic optical effects with a distinctive range of visuals and rich texture. A print is always two-dimensional. But through the use of the multi-step reduction woodblock printing process with its resulting buildup of layers, this image achieves a remarkable rounded 3D quality.”
— Jimin Lee, May 2011.

Reflections: Screenprint Series
We are immersed in a world of perpetual motion that often goes unnoticed. A thin transition zone separates our control and purpose with one of fluidity and spontaneity. I have always been fascinated by this membrane which is simultaneously reflective and transparent. Still water allows a clear vision of the other world. Turbulent water charms the viewer as it mixes the two systems through its reflective and refractive properties. The attempt to capture the more visually interesting turbulence infuses a spontaneity and complexity to each work.