Link: "Into the Woods" featured in "Best of Chico State"
“Into the Woods” featured in “Best of Chico State”

Born and raised in California, Andy Rader is both an artist and manager of creative teams. His indirect journey to the arts began in the world of science where he studied cell biology. Although topics and artist statements change, there has been a common thread of experimentation as he moved from science into graphic design and content development before finally embracing formal artistic training.

In 2011 he completed the successful series “Titans of Industry”. The relief prints examined the negative effects of corporate influence in the absence of strong values. Several pieces from the series won awards and were featured in group exhibitions.


Figure sketch of multiple poses.
Live model sketch from multiple poses.

As a break from printmaking, Rader focused on lost-wax casting with both bronze and aluminum. His most recent pieces are inspired by the California drought and the marketing of drought tolerant plants. As he is prone to experiment, the pieces use organic casting techniques to cast the plants directly into bronze. He has since finished degrees in both art studio and computer animation/video game design.

Although training in a variety of traditional techniques, Rader has also remained involved in a variety of smaller design projects and consultancy projects that involve both print and interactive materials. In 2016, Rader completed his MBA, was the graduate school commencement speaker, and moved from Chico to lead larger creative projects. In 2107, Rader began working with Washington State University on a variety of web and digital design projects.